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Published on November 21st, 2013 | by Parenting Solo


Absent fathers and why we must not automatically demonise them

A study by the NatCen research group (and funded by the Government’s Economic and Social Research Council) has found that dads with second families are twice as likely to lose all contact with their older children compared to men who remain single after a family break up.

The study revealed that almost 130,000 fathers have no contact with their children at all, while a third say they do not have a close relationship with their kids. Even more shockingly,  300,000 absent fathers reportedly do not pay anything to support their children. 

Yesterday, Parenting Solo editor Kelly Rose Bradford went on BBC Radio London to discuss why this might be – and why, despite the alarming figures, we must not automatically demonise dads but look at the bigger picture. You can listen to the broadcast here (Kelly is on 38 minutes in).

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