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Published on June 28th, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Holidaying Solo: trouble at sea

One of the best bits about being a single parent (because there are some. Honest) is that I don’t need to consult the ‘other half’ (spew) over those decisions which generally cause family meltdowns, sulks, flounces and grudges beared for all eternity. Namely decorating, how many scatter cushions are too many scatter cushions, and where to go on holiday. The latter being on my mind at the mo as I consider my options for this year.

And it’s good that I don’t have to battle out the location, cost and resort with another grown up because there is one holiday-based obstacle that troubles my wrung-out little mind the second the first rays of sun send those sparkling shards of light off the sea and make even the most dreary of coastal locations look like a glitter-encrusted utopia: how will me and my son both go in the water?

Ha, bet THAT doesn’t cross the mind of the smug toe-dipping two parent families, does it? No. And why should it? They can paddle and surf and swim and almost get washed away on a lilo without fear of their cool box being ransacked, their beach bag being stolen, or their windbreak being run off with – because one of them always stays behind to keep GUARD.

I have NEVER been in the sea with my son. He is ten. Please tell me how I can do it (and no, going to the beach with no possessions is not an option. Nor is holidaying with another family – I might as well have a husband if I want to have to deal with other people’s sleeping/eating/arguing routines). Oh, and I can’t afford a beach hut either (much as I would love one).

So advise me, fellow singletons, how DO you take a dip when parenting solo?

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is a London-based journalist and broadcaster, writing for the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Sunday Telegraph, and a host of women's magazines. Her robust opinions and feisty debating skills make her in demand as a social commentator, regularly guesting on ITV's This Morning programme, and across many radio stations, including 5 Live and BBC Radio London.

2 Responses to Holidaying Solo: trouble at sea

  1. Amy Watts says:

    This made me laugh because it is totally MY experience with seaside trips with my daughter. I am either carrying all the bags IN TO THE SEA, or paying her no attention as we paddle because I am convinced someone is going to nick our stuff. I need to get a beach hut too!

  2. Jackie Brook says:

    Been there,done that-I suppose you simply get used to carrying phone, camera and money whilst paddling like some sort of water fearing wimp!

    I decided that holidays abroad were going to be a luxury and went camping instead-All vital stuff then stayed in the boot of the car and meant various trips back (keeps you fit) but camping has been and given us the most fantastic memories-You can do nothing except give your children attention which I’ve loved.

    Incidentally, whilst lying on the beach with numerous kids and people around we had our mobile stolen so even being there doesn’t guarantee these thieves won’t get your stuff!!

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