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Published on September 5th, 2014 | by Parenting Solo


Amazing single dad wins Father of the Year award

There’s no denying it’s hard being a lone parent, and sometimes we all feel like we need an award for just getting through the day with no help – but we can’t help but think this single dad definitely deserves the accolade he’s just received…

Andrew Butwell is a lone father to four kids. OK, so four’s quite a number, but it’s not THAT amazing, right? Read on. He is also paraplegic,  a mental health nurse and the manager of a junior rugby league team.  We are in awe, as seemingly were his local community who have just named him Queensland Father of the Year.

The modest dad told reporters on the Brisbane Times that being a good father was something he just did, insisting: “I don’t consciously think about what I should and shouldn’t do, it’s just sort of intuitive.”

“Despite adversity you’ve got to find a way to work out whatever’s going on. We’ve had issues in our family and we’ve tried to rally together and thankfully it’s all worked out well for the time being.”

Although separated from his wife, Mr Butwell credits her with helping him deal with the intense therapy he needed after an assault left him a paraplegic in November 2006.

“The biggest motivation for me was obviously my four children and my wife at the time.” Mr Butwell said. “She reminded me the other day in a text that the reason I survived was for the kids, and it probably was, but that’s just not something I think about I suppose.”

The devoted dad says he hopes his own children will grow up to be ‘good people’ who are ‘generous with their time with their own family and kids’.


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