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Published on November 6th, 2014 | by Parenting Solo


Blogging about your kids as a separated parent – should you do it?

How do you feel about blogging about your kids? The web is awash with blogs detailing the minutiae of family lives, with many mummy (and daddy) bloggers choosing to chronicle every installment of their day via words, pictures and even videos.

But how does this work if you are separated? What if the other parent doesn’t want your child’s face and daily routine splashed over web for all to know about?

And what if your former partner’s words are not an accurate reflection of your family circumstances or situation? That perhaps they are using a blog as an outlet for their own issues or even revenge?

This seems to have been the case with one mum who took her former partner to court over his ‘daddy blogging’ activities. The Daily Telegraph reports that the woman was granted permission to change her three-year-old twin sons’ surname in order to protect them from their dad’s online activities.

The Family Court was told that the father had not seen his kids for a year, and had started what was deemed a ‘protest blog’ over his contact with them.

Judge Ross Duggan said the man had a ‘perception of martyrdom’ in his almost daily updates, and had referred to his estranged wife as ‘a drug-addicted alcoholic … who suffered from sexually transmitted diseases’.

He had also published one of his son’s medical reports, and what the court were told were ‘extensive details’ of the family’s ongoing litigation issues. He had also posted his sons’ names online.

Judge Duggan said his blogging had been ‘severely damaging’ to his kids’ welfare and instructed that the mother could change their name.

He said that although he could not ‘realistically stop the father’s activities at source’ he could stop the ‘harmful consequences associated with identification ‘ by allowing their names to be changed.

So what do you think? If you are separated from your child’s other parent, should you draw up a set of rules for what you can or cannot post online? 

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