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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Would you buy secondhand at Christmas?

I once threw a party where the pass the parcel was made up with little toys I’d bought in the charity shop. They were actually all new and had tags on, but were, by definition, secondhand.

I felt so guilty about it that I told the other mums. A couple responded with a polite ‘Oh!’ (subtext: we disapprove) but most were actually impressed I’d a) got such a bargain and b) not bought into buying pound shop tat.

But it’s fair to say, we can be a bit sniffy about going second-hand where presents are concerned, so research just in that reveals nearly half of parents will buy ‘pre-loved’ gifts for their kids this Christmas made for interesting reading.

The survey – undertaken by Milton, the sterilising experts – found 40% of mums and dads will buy pre-owned items to give as presents this year, and that a quarter of the gifts bought by almost 30% of parents will be secondhand.

Tess Clarke, Commercial and Marketing Manager at Milton, said that the survey suggested any ‘stigma’ around not buying new was lifting.

“It seems clear, from our results, that lots of parents are considering pre-loved presents this year. Perhaps the stigma of buying ‘second-hand’ is lifting as people look for ways to get the quality gifts they want for less money as you can on many of the popular auction and selling websites,” she said. “With the increase in the cost of living, and the recent announcement from the charity Money Advice Trust which has seen a massive increase in calls about rent arrears since 2013, it’s clear that some families are struggling to balance their bills.”

With that in mind, Tess added that buying pre-loved gifts can cut the costs of present buying and ease the financial burden ‘without compromising on quality’.

Sound eminently sensible, really, doesn’t it?

 What do you think? Will you be buying secondhand this Christmas, or have you done so in the past?

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