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Published on December 18th, 2013 | by Parenting Solo


What NOT to buy single parents for Christmas

We all want a surprise under the tree this yuletide, but here is our top 10 of what NOT to buy a single mum or dad…

1. ‘Labour saving’ kitchen or household gadgets – we sometimes like to escape the drudgery
2. Framed pics of us and our kids – we’re with them 24/7 – we know what they look like (and how worn out we look…)
3. Anything which needs two people to put together/fix to a wall/assist with displaying
4. ‘Funny’ books about single parenting
5. A subscription to an online dating service – just DON’T
6. Box sets of DVDs – DVD players will be obsolete by the time we get round to watching them
7. Any 12+ game which says ‘for 2-4 players’…
8. Vouchers for a spa/haircut/pampering session – unless you are going to mind the kids while we go
9. Anything bearing cutesy ‘parenting’ slogans telling us how ‘strong’ or ‘amazing’ we are
10. Anything that isn’t indulgently drinkable, edible, or intended for decadent, oily bathtimes…

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