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Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Cameron’s government ‘passionate’ about single parent entrepreneurs

On Friday, Parenting Solo editor Kelly Rose Bradford joined eight other self-employed single mums in Downing Street to speak to the PM’s special adviser, Daniel Korski, about how government can help lone mothers who want to start their own business.

Mr Korski said the PM was ‘passionate’ about helping entrepreneurial single parents, and wanted to put systems in place that would ‘support’ their endeavours.

Three main areas where more help and assistance are needed were put to Mr Korski and his colleague Laura Trott, the PM’s special adviser on women’s issues, education and childcare.  These were: tax deductible childcare, easier access to information and advice (particularly in terms of coming off benefits), and the availability of quality mentoring.

The issue of single parent ‘middle earners’ who could be penalised if their income increased was also raised.

Mr Korski asked the group how government could make the welfare system work for those who wanted to come off benefits and run their own business.  Those mums who had been through the system spoke about receiving conflicting information at local level, and a lack of speed and efficiency when dealing with claims.

It was also put to Mr Korski and Ms Trott that the current working tax credit system was structured for employers, not entrepreneurs, and that it was impossible for mums in business to accurately state how many hours they worked on their claim forms.

The case for lone parents needing grants, not loans, when starting out on their own was also raised, with it being suggested that when loans were given, the repayments needed to be tied to earnings in the same way student loans are.

Mr Korski said the session had given him lots of points to bring to David Cameron’s attention, and reiterated that the PM was dedicated to ‘sweeping away problems’ to ‘make things easier’ for people to start their own business.

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