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Published on December 5th, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Christmas means 24 extra jobs for mum – and just FIVE for dad…

Researchers reckon mums take on an extra 24 jobs over the Christmas period – while dads manage to get away with doing just FIVE.

Obviously in single parent households, mums and dads will end up doing a million and one extra chores during the festivities, so on that basis, we thought we’d share the list with you so you can be EXTRA smug about all that you achieve as a lone parent!

Online retailers Battery Station polled 2,000 parents for the study, and found almost one in ten men admitted they did nothing at all in preparation for Christmas and left it all to their other half – perhaps this is why solicitors report an increase in divorce enquiries every January?

Unsurprisingly, the study found that 45% of couples have argued about the allocation of Christmas chores, while six in ten women wished their partner did more to help out around Christmas…

Makes you glad to be parenting solo, eh?


Helping/encouraging children to write their Christmas wish lists
Buying Christmas presents for the children
Buying Christmas presents for children’s friends
Buying Christmas presents for relatives
Wrapping Christmas presents
Buying Christmas cards
Writing Christmas cards
Sending/delivering Christmas cards
Sending/delivering Christmas presents
Making sure the children have their school nativity costume
Picking out/buying the Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating the house
Doing the big Christmas food and drink shop
Buying batteries for the children’s presents
Buying the turkey
Cleaning the house to prepare for festive visitors
Arranging family visits
Peeling the vegetables
Preparing the turkey
Cooking the turkey
Washing up
Clearing away the wrapping paper etc after presents have been opened
Tidying away all the new toys


Carving the turkey
Pouring drinks during dinner
Putting the rubbish outside
Getting the children’s toys out the boxes and set up to play
Taking the children out to ride their new bikes/play with outside toys

parenting solo adds:


All of the above and MORE

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