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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Dad’s love ‘not strong enough’ to have custody of daughter

A  High Court judge has refused a father custody of his motherless seven-year-old daughter and ruled that she should be adopted.

After the child’s mother died suddenly, the dad, in his mid-30s, sought to have her live with him, but Mr Justice Keehan said he had neither the ‘understanding’ or the ‘ability’ to meet the girl’s needs after the loss of her mum.

Social workers made the suggestion that the child be sent to the US to be adopted by her maternal aunt and uncle.

Mr Justice Keehan said: “I do not doubt that in his own way he deeply loves his daughter. He may love her, as he did frequently say he loves her. Sadly, in life that is not enough. She needs to be the centre of attention so that her needs are not missed.”

The Metro reports that the judge revealed that the dad, a Cameroon national living with his partner and their child in Manchester, had lied about his personal circumstances during litigation and had ‘come across as selfish’.

“When I heard him reply in answer to the fact that the girl has been through a lot in her short life, I thought it heartless on the part of the father to reply ‘Me, too’,” said Judge Keehan.

He added: “It is a powerful and illuminating example of the approach of this father to this matter, which is to his needs and his rights and what he wants, and coming a very poor second is what this precious little girl needs.”

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