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Published on May 14th, 2014 | by Parenting Solo


Elen Rivas on life as a single mum

Elen Rivas is most famous for being the former partner of Chelsea and England footballer, Frank Lampard, with whom she has two daughters, Luna, eight, and Isla, six.  Now 40 and a single mum raising her girls alone, she speaks to us about parenting solo, vegetarianism, and how she works hard to be a positive role model to her young daughters.

How are you managing life as a single mum? Do you find parenting much tougher outside of a relationship? 

I’m managing well. I’m very organised and find I can juggle looking after my girls, projects I’m involved with as well as looking after myself.

What is your day to day parenting routine – how do you fit looking good and keeping fit into that?

After the school run, I often go straight to the gym where I either lift light weights, do kick boxing, yoga or go for a run. Other days I’ll spend most of the day in my office. I plan each day and see what fits in.

Do you think your girls help keep you young? Are they really into fashion and dressing up?

Yes my girls definitely help keep me young. They are sometimes into dressing up, but I try to keep them away from too much fashion at such a young age. I don’t keep fashion or celebrity magazines or newspapers lying around and they don’t watch crap TV at home.

Are you conscious of your girls not being too swayed by the media’s idea of ‘perfection’ when it comes to women’s bodies and looks?

I’m educating my girls to be aware of nutrition and the difference between being on a diet and having a good diet. I teach them the difference of being healthy and being thin.

What is the absolute best thing about parenting for you?

The fact that it’s so rewarding – the unconditional love that children give you.

 How do you feel when your kids are not with you, when they are with their dad? Was that hard to deal with at first?

It’s just part of life!

 Many separated parents really struggle to adapt to single parent life – what would your best bit of advice be?

Surround yourself with loved ones and friends you can trust.

How long have you been vegetarian? Are your girls veggie, too?

I’ve been a vegetarian around three years. My girls are veggie in the house, but it’s their decision elsewhere.

Do you like to cook at home? What is your favourite meal to prepare for you and your daughters?

Yes, we cook a lot a home. The girls are good cooks and like to cook with me. My youngest daughter Isla, who is six,  prepared some homemade houmous just the other day. Our favourite thing is to bake cakes together.

What are your hopes for the future for you and the girls? Can you see yourself marrying again, perhaps even having more children?

I would love to get married one day, but probably not children. My main hope is that the girls and I will be happy and healthy.

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