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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Parenting Solo


Girls’ gifts will cost parents more than boys’ this Christmas

Mums and dads have confessed they will be spending more on their daughters than their sons this Christmas.

Almost one in five of the 1000 parents of 5-17 year olds polled by Oink said their sons were much harder to buy for.

The study found that on average, girls ended up receiving more expensive presents – although one in 10 parents agreed that boys were more laidback and less concerned with the cost of things.

Two thirds of parents also admitted they always go over budget by an average of £62 when buying their kids presents.

Despite spending out MORE on girls, the researchers discovered the top presents for boys are tablets, games consoles and laptops, whereas the average girl is more likely to receive smartphones, pyjamas and toiletries (expensive ones, obv).

Over a quarter of the parents polled said their daughters generally desired more expensive presents, with 30% of mums and dads saying they would hate to see them disappointed so give in to their wishes.

 A spokesman for Oink said:

“It must be a minefield for parents, but providing there aren’t vast differences in the amount you are spending on your son and daughter, we are sure the children will never notice.”

Hmm – we’re not so sure!






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