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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Legoland Billund Resort

A weekend away in Billund? Well why not.

OK, so it’s not up there with Paris or Barcelona for a city break, and to be totally honest, I hadn’t even heard of it before William and I were invited to spend a weekend exploring the Legoland Billund Resort. And then I realised just WHERE we were going – to the actual HOME of Lego!

The very first Legoland resort opened in Billund in 1968, and was constructed next to the original Lego factory. It is also right next door to Billund airport, so short break wise, it couldn’t be better.

William and I are fairly regular visitors to Legoland Windsor (it would be rude not to be as the resort is only a twenty minute drive away) and we have also been to Legoland Florida (get us!) so how would the Danish experience compare?

We flew in to Billund from Birmingham and were in the park literally minutes after landing – which when you’ve got kids desperate to start their day of fun is a huge bonus. We travelled with BMI, and the flight from Brum was just 1hr and 40 minutes long, making it totally doable for even the youngest children.

Sunshine always makes a day at a theme park so much more enjoyable and we were blessed with sunny skies as we made our way around the complex, which was reassuring familiar, but still with enough surprises to make us feel like we were truly at a ‘different’ Legoland.

From getting soaked on the Pirate Splash Battle (and again being grateful for the sunshine) through to being as charmed as ever by Miniland (we can never get enough of the model towns and cities) and a restful trip around the entire park on the Lego train, we certainly filled our day, culminating in a gut-busting feast at the buffet restaurant where we gorged ourselves on unlimited pizza, pasta and ice cream for just  DKK 199 for me (approx £12), and DKK 99.50 (around £10) for William. And if you’ve got real smallies, kids under 2 can scoff for free!

One thing we didn’t see as we were there before it was launched, was Luke Skywalker’s Lego X-wing Starfighter, which is not only new for 2015 but also the world’s biggest Lego model, having been constructed from over 5 million Lego bricks.  Which is almost as many as I have embedded in my foot at any one time…

Billund itself is a very small town, but Legoland isn’t the only attraction. Right next door to the theme park is the Lalandia holiday resort which is also home to Scandinavia’s biggest water park, the Aquadrome.

The park has holiday chalet holiday accommodation and is billed as a ‘tropical holiday and activity centre’. Inside the main Lalandia building there are restaurants, a supermarket and arcades all set out around a Mediterranean ‘town square’ and Acropolis ruins (which can come as a surprise when you first step in out of the bright Denmark sunshine as we did). So for a weekend break, you wouldn’t really need to leave the complex – everything you need, from shopping to dining, is on-site.

We, however, were staying at the Legoland resort for our break, and having had an overnighter at the Windsor hotel before, were very interested to see how the experiences compared.

I have to confess my son preferred the Billund hotel. Shhhh, don’t tell Windsor. He thought the restaurant was better (and I have to say they did an AMAZING breakfast buffet) and he somewhat surprisingly preferred our room. I say surprisingly, because we have stayed in amazing themed rooms at Windsor before, and the Billund room was just a regular (although HUGE) double. They do have themed rooms at Billund (including Pirate, Friends, Kingdom and Adventure, and even junior suites if you really want to push the boat out) but we were chuffed with our room which was apparently just a standard even though it was enormous, and had fab views across the park.

So although Legoland is Legoland at the end of the day, and you do kind of know what to expect, we totally loved the whole Billund experience and there were enough differences for it to really feel we had been somewhere new. And of course we’d had all the excitement of a plane trip and ‘being abroad’ without all the usual flying then transferring to resort hassle. And then there was the fact we were in the ACTUAL birthplace of Lego!

And then there was that fab breakfast buffet… did I mention that?



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