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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Luisa Zissman thinks she too old for more kids!

Luisa Zissman might have lost the Apprentice final to cosmetic surgery entrepreneur Leah Totton, but she certainly hasn’t let coming second curtail her entrepreneurial spirit! 

The single mum is rumoured to be in talks for her own cookery show, has just signed a book deal, and last week launched her ‘Bakers Toolkit‘ (the project that almost netted her £250,000 of Lord Sugar’s cash).

But obv here at PS we’re most interested in her life with three-year-old Dixie – and in this week’s New! magazine she spills the beans on motherhood.

The hard-working mum is often photographed with her daughter (who she had with her ex-husband Oliver), and she tells the mag that the little girl is loving her own moments in the spotlight.

“I always take Dixie along when I get invited to things,” she says. “We’ve been to premieres and she adores it. She thinks having your picture taken is normal because I take so many of her. She’s a bit of a poser!”

Despite obviously enjoying juggling work with parenthood, Luisa rather astonishingly thinks she’s over the hill for any more children. (she’s 25!).

“I’m old now. Dixie is adorable, but I found it hard being a new mum [Luisa suffered from postnatal depression]. Your life isn’t yours any more. It would take an incredible man to make me think about having more. I don’t really understand why people have more than one!”

The businesswoman also spoke about her cosmetic enhancements (she’s had a boob job, tooth whitening and non-evasive liposuction) and said that should Dixie come to her in the future asking about surgery, she would support her ‘if it made her happy and she was old enough to make an informed decision’.

For now though, Luisa says she very much prefers children to BE children – even though Dixie loves to dress up as much as the next toddler. 

“I think little girls should be little girls, but she’ll go to nursery with some of my clip-in hair extensions because she thinks it’s fun, and we’ll paint our nails together,” she says, adding that she’d ‘never put fake tan’ on her daughter or ‘straighten her hair’.

And although she’s made it quite clear she’s not looking to extend her family, Luisa hasn’t totally ruled out romance – even if her last relationship didn’t go quite to plan!

“I’m definitely a single girl,” she says. “I was sort of seeing someone but he was like, ‘I don’t know if I can see you any more, you’re out of my league!’ To be honest, I don’t really have time at the moment.”

And as for who or what would make a Mr Right?

“I just go for someone who makes me laugh,” she says. “But guys either want to live off me or aren’t as successful so they don’t want to date me.”

Read the full interview with Luisa in this week’s New!, out today



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