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Published on April 7th, 2014 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Review: Sold on the SodaStream?

Remember when you were a kid there were always a load of things banned by your parents that you vowed to buy/allow as soon as you were a grown up?

During my childhood, this was a telephone (my parents refused to be on the phone at home – they didn’t want to be disturbed, apaz) and a SodaStream – this being verboten on the basis fizzy drinks ruined your teeth. The mum of a friend of mine was a sales lady for SodaStream and their home was always full of fizzy beverages, but more exciting to me than the actual drink, was the process of making it, of turning stuff fizzy. “I’ll get one day,” I vowed, as the forbidden bubbles went up my nose and sweet nectar ran down my throat in their home.

Needless to say, I went on the phone as soon as I left home, but the lure of a carbonated drinks maker passed.

Fast forward more than twenty years, and my son recently spotted a SodaStream in a department store. We don’t drink fizzy drinks, and I found myself, like my parents before me, saying no on that basis.

Then I was offered the chance to give a SodaStream a whirl over the Mother’s Day weekend – but not for fizzy drinks. Oh no. Something much more mummy-friendly than that. Cocktails. It seems that the machine has grown up a bit in the years since I coveted one, and their target market is no longer just wide-eyed kids wanting to make their own pop at home.

Being something of a fan of fizz-based alcohol, I was keen to try the one of the mixes (basically, there are bottles of flavouring you can add to your carbonated tap water and bung in a cocktail shaker with your alcohol of choice, and bingo, you’re a mixologist). Pink-on-the-rocks appealed, with its fruity mix of vodka, lime juice and a bottle of the brand’s pink grapefruit mixer. Sadly, I didn’t quite get around to glugging any as Mother’s day and beyond passed in somewhat of a fug thanks to a two week bout of ill health, but that doesn’t mean my new toy went to waste;  what we lack in fizzy pop drinking here, we more than make up for in sparkling water consumption. I am not joking when I say we buy our fizzy H20 in packs of 72 bottles from a wholesaler – THAT’S how much we get through every couple of weeks. Lugging them to the car does nothing for my back, and their storage is a nightmare. But as we don’t like tap water, it’s our drink of choice.

So praise be to the SodaStream during my two weeks of health hell and no opportunity to stock up on my shop bought supplies: sparkling water on tap, from the tap. My son never tired of making it up (the machine is entirely child-friendly, and the fizz and hiss of the carbonating process appeals to even the biggest kids, i.e me) and it meant we were saving a ton of cash by converting our plain water.

I honestly didn’t think I’d be sold on the machine, having mainly turned into my parents now I am 40 and not easily swayed by gadgetry and frippery, and definitely not by fizzy drinks, but I have to admit, my SodaStream is now one of my used-daily bits of kitchen kit just on the basis I can make my own sparkling water (aside: friends have been AMAZED by the fact you can ‘just’ use it for this, the general reaction being: “Oh, I’ve never thought of getting one because I assumed it was just for making your own dodgy cola…”)

Rest assured, I haven’t totally given my life over to quaffing nothing more than jazzed up tap water though – just as soon as I am back to firing on all cylinders health-wise, the machine is going to be put straight to work making one hell of a glut of better-late-than-never Mother’s day cocktails.





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