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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Single mum fears for her eight kids as her benefits are capped at £500 a week

A mum has said she fears she and her eight children could end up being evicted from their home after her benefits were capped.

According to the Mail, 31-year-old Marie Buchan said she cannot survive on the £500-a-week she receives since benefit caps were imposed.

Until September, Marie and her children – who are aged between two months and 12 years, received £582 a week.

The mum said that since the cap she is struggling and is £2000 behind in her rent. She also owes £600 in fines after receiving ten tickets for using bus lanes in Birmingham city centre over a three day period. She said she incurred the bus lane fines while searching for somewhere to park when taking her baby daughter to hospital .

Marie told the paper: “The benefit cap has hit me hard – money is very tight. I am £82-a-week worse off and, when you have eight children, every penny counts. 

“I don’t waste my money – everything goes on my children. It is tough bringing up eight children on your own, a constant battle.

“I feel the threat of eviction all the time. I have already been to court once due to rent arrears and I fear I may be dragged there again.”

She added: “I am scrimping and saving to try to get the arrears down but it is very difficult.”

Miss Buchan and her children Tia, 12, Leah, 11, Latoya, eight, Joshua, seven, Alisha, five, Mikayla, three, Amelia, two, and two-month-old Olivia currently live in a three-bedroom house association property in Selly Oak, Birmingham.  She shares a room with three of her children, and was on the waiting list for a four-bedroom home, but was removed after falling behind with her rent.

Her relationship with her former partner and the father of her children ended earlier this year.


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  1. Scott McArthur says:

    The oldest kid is nearly old enough for a paper-round or two… I worked Saturday jobs from age 14 and fed it into the family kitty.

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