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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by Parenting Solo


Single mum Myleene Klass: I wasn’t out there looking for a new boyfriend

Myleene Klass has spoken to the Daily Mail about the breakdown of her marriage and how she doesn’t want her daughters to grow up thinking men can’t be trusted.

“Quite the opposite,”  she told the paper. “I’m going to teach them that there are some really good men out there – they should look to their grandad for starters.”

Mum-of-two Myleene said that she had ‘fought as hard’ as she possibly could to save her marriage to Graham Quinn, the father of her daughters, when he told her it was over on her 34th birthday last year.

“I thought it was worth saving. I did everything. Pride? I didn’t have any. I don’t know if it’s feminist or anti-feminist or what, but I would have done anything, put up with anything, to keep my family together,” she said.

The musician-turned-businesswoman is described by the Mail as seeming ‘bewildered’ by what caused their relationship to fail just six months after tying the knot.

“Did I fail to pick up on something? If I did I’d been doing it for a decade, because that’s how long we’d been together. Nothing had changed. We were doing exactly what we’d been doing for all those years.”

The mum credits her former Navy captain dad with getting her through her separation by reassuring her she would cope.

“There’ve been times when I’ve just cried and asked him what on earth I do now, and his reply is always, ‘You pick a course and you hold your nerve and you go on. You’re the captain of your own ship. You sort your girls out. You steer them out of this’,” she said.

And it seems Myleene has now steered herself into calmer waters, having been spotted hand-in-hand and looking loved up with a new man – albeit one she refuses formally identify beyond the fact he is Scandinavian.

“I call him the Great Dane,” she said, adding that she was not ‘out there looking’ for a new partner when they met.

“Nothing could have been further from my mind. I was still licking my wounds. It actually came as a big surprise. But it’s nice to actually think, ‘OK, I’m a mum, but I’m still a woman.’ My girls can see that I’m happy and getting back to my old self again, and that’s reassuring for everyone. Believe me, I never thought that would happen. I thought I’d never smile again. I couldn’t imagine laughing.”

Myleene is mum to Ava, six, and Hero, two.

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