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Published on October 25th, 2013 | by Kelly Rose Bradford


Single mum of SIX combines work with study for university

Given how hard it can be to even have an uninterrupted bath or cup of tea as a single parent, this mum-of-six really is something of a superwoman, combining a four-day-a-week job with raising her kids on her own AND studying at college.

In between working at a hospital and caring for her children, Michelle Stammers, 34,  is currently studying for the GSCEs which will enable her to get on to a university course.

The hard-working mum told the Crawley News that she hopes she can eventually train as a social worker.

Michelle says her children (Loula, seven, Olivia and Grace both nine, Josh, 11, Leanne, 12, and Charlotte, 16) are a ‘massive help’ to her as she juggles her work and studies, but admits that tempers can end up frayed in their cramped home!

“There are arguments all the time, especially about the bathroom – someone might be hogging the mirror. It is a nightmare in the morning,” she said.

Michelle told the paper that she hopes her endeavors will inspire her children to work and study hard, too.

“It is challenging; working, bringing up my children and going to college as well,” she said. “But it is good for the kids to see me working, to give them an idea about going out to work. Even though I was a young mum – I was 17 when I had my eldest – I want them to see that no matter what happens they can make something of themselves.”

Michelle said she particularly wants to go into social work as she wants to help youngsters who might otherwise end up in prison.

“I have seen lots of kids going to prison, who just needed someone to say ‘I am here for you’ and to guide them back on to the straight and narrow,” she said. “I have been there – I haven’t been to prison – but I had a social worker help me and I have come out the other side.”


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